Granary at Valley Pike Farm Market Reviews

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Lee Carr Wedding - December 17, 2016 

Photo: Nicki Metcalf Photography

Photo: Nicki Metcalf Photography

Way before the days of Pinterest boards I daydreamed of a wedding venue adorned with exposed wooden beams, industrial hardware and lightning and strand upon strand of white lights and tables covered with the glow of twinkling candles. When Phil and I visited the venue, and I sat down in the bridal suite. I sat down stunned. Phil said it was the first time he had ever seen me speechless. I was overcome because at that moment I knew that God had listened to every heart wish and silent prayer. He saw every daydream paint across my minds eye and remembered what made my heart soar the most.

The Gardners' took an old barn that was going to be torn down and plank by plank, nail by nail, gave it a new purpose and home as a Market, Venue and more. Every part of my Valley loving heart resonated with a vision and dream that honored an old run down barn that had so much beauty and history.

Being a part of Valley Pike Farm Market as a bride made me feel like a part of their family and vision. We are honored that we got to be one of VPFM's first inaugural weddings to kick off many years of success. Katie McLaren Yount, the event coordinator is a rock star, and this detail oriented, brain never stops bride was grateful for her support and help throughout the whole process.

Thank you Valley Pike Farm Market for making my wedding dreams come to life in your beautiful venue.

Harrisonburg Radio Group Company Party - January 13, 2017

A huge THANKS to you and all the staff that made our event at The Granary a smashing success. The venue was beautiful and the staff was friendly, fun, and very helpful. I will certainly be saying good things about you whenever possible and I am wishing you all the success in your future events.
- Shandra Deputy, Office Manager