Local Love

Support The Community We Serve.  We would like that statement to ring true in every part of our business. From the products in our store to the employees that will greet you when you walk in the building.  Our barn isn't shipped from a large company, it's born and bred right here in the Shenandoah Valley (just in a different spot than it was in the 1800's). To make this old Virginia barn new again we had lots of help, lots of local help! We couldn't imagine anyone else caring for our old barn the way David & Ann do, but the local companies that helped us to bring Valley Pike Farm Market back to life sure proved us wrong. The Gardner's wish to thank and give credit to the following local companies and people that helped us bring the vision of Valley Pike Farm Market to life again. 

-Jody Hensley Technology
-Johnathan Bucher
-Lucas Coffee Co. - Troy Lucas
-Maple Lane Veterinary Clinic
-Mark Byerly Engineer
-May Supply
-MLB Welding - Mario L. Biotchie
-Murphy Fencing – Dale Murphy
-North River Roofing - Dale Wenger
-Old Dominion Lighting – Tom Dalton
-Rocking R Hardware
-Shank Wholesalers
-Shentel - James Funkhauser
-Shreckhise Landscape & Design
-Sidney Leigh Photography - Sidney Gardner
-Silver Lake Welding
-Star Heating & Cooling
-Steve Hilbert Electrical
-Stonebierker Inc. - Dennis Rhodes
-Superior Concrete - Keith
-Trinity Turf -  Kurt Fellenstien
-Ultimate Concrete - Cam Gardner
-United Bank
-West Valley Concrete - Gary Lam
-Wildlife Construction - Allen Lam
-Willow Run Lumber - Justin Schwartzel
-Womack Electrical

-Augusta Aluminum Gutterworks
-Bev Randolph
-Bitnbydesigns LLC - Todd Gardner
-Blossman Propane
-Brunk & Hylton Engineering
-Burgess Plumbing
-Cattleman's Supply -Jeff Slaven
-Coebot – Tucker Gardner
-Crutchfield - Eugene Chan
-Custom Kitchens - Bob Alger
-Davenport Insulation - Greg Sigmon
Donnie Knott
-Drafting Services - Gary Harpine
-Dwight Miller Masonry
-Eagle Carpet
-Ed Keifer Engineer
-Eddie Edwards Signs
-Eddie’s Excavating
-Farm Credit Virginia
-First Bank & Trust
-Greg Randolph, LLC. - Jesse Atkins & Patrick Conley
-Ground Effects - Patrick & Preston Gardner and Brett Minnick
-Harrisonburg Refrigeration
-Heartland Construction  - Mike Hart
-Hawk Security

Introducing the Valley Pike Farm Market

A vintage barn is being brought back to life as the new Valley Pike Farm Market located along Route 11. This innovative space, due to open in August will be home to several different local shops and includes festival and event space.

“We are truly excited for the public to experience this beautiful barn’s second life,” states the Market’s owner David Gardner.  The Valley Pike Farm Market is the vision of Dr. Gardner.  As a local business owner (Maple Lane Veterinary Clinic), David knows the importance of not only supporting our community, but also keeping our area's history alive. Gardner goes on to say that, “This has been an unique opportunity to breathe new life into a historic Valley treasure and also to provide locals with access to local food and a community space to gather.”

“Augusta County entrepreneurship is strong,” said Carolyn Bragg, Chair of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors. “The Market is a great vision, and we’re looking forward to enjoying the fruits of Dr. Gardner’s labor.” The Market will feature a deli counter with products from Boars Head meats and cheeses. The Rumor Mill Coffee Co., our very own coffee shop will offer locally ground beans from Lucas Roasting, and will focus on local bread and pastries. Virginia craft beers, cider, and wines will be served as well as Virginia’s Finest brand.  This 13,500 square foot repurposed barn will also be home to The Granary, an event venue for community festivals and private gatherings.

Adjacent to the Market, there are future plans to include a food truck court and an open-air vegetable stand.  Valley Pike BBQ is currently serving food alongside the in-construction Market, and there are plans to partner with additional food trucks going forward.

“Dr. Gardner’s project is an amazing combination of two popular movements – local food and repurposed buildings,” said Dr. Marshall Pattie, Augusta County Board of Supervisors who represents the North River District where Valley Pike Farm Market is located.  “Weyers Cave will be lucky to be home to the Market.”